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Cumulative sales of KRW 1.550 trillion(as of 2023)

We are making progress towards our goals.


Annual production of 264,000,000 pieces

Customer satisfaction through production of high-quality packaging materials.


580 domestic customers

Shinil PNS, a reliable partner for shared growth.


128 overseas customers

Shinil PNS, a global company challenging endlessly.


Company Info

We create a happy workplace

that produces the best quality packaging in the world.

Management goals
A company that helps customers
A company that is loved
A company that always win-win with customers by providing a differentiated total solution that satisfies their needs
A company that customers want to do business with, and a company that talented people want to work for, a company that contributes to the community and country
Core values
Progress through change
Principle management
Customer satisfaction management
Continue to pursue change to lead market change and secure competitiveness
Decision-making based on principles and rationality
Decision-making standards are always customer-centered based on trust
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Product introduction
We are a specialized industrial packaging bag manufacturing company that provides various types of industrial packaging bags and total solutions related to packaging.

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Customer status
Shinil PNS is always striving to be loved and helpful to customers by continuously promoting the core values of progress through change, principled management, and customer satisfaction management.


We have technology accumulated over 30 years, the latest production equipment, and excellent professional manpower.
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Sustainability management
We are doing our best to become a company that creates a better future with customers through sustainable growth and customer satisfaction and trust through eco-friendly product development, ISCC certification, quality improvement activities, and human resource development.


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Tel Fax
Company location
Headquarters and 1st factory
20, Batmadang-gil, Woongchon-myeon, Ulsan Metropolitan City (Postal) 44968
2nd factory
84, Goyeon-gil, Woongchon-myeon, Uljoo-gun, Ulsan Metropolitan City (Postal) 44968
Tianjin China Local Corporation
Tianjin Xiqing Economic Development area Jianfulu
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